Marble & Stone Restoration

Natural stone restoration is a specialized field, it takes years to be a certified technician, as one needs to understand the different stones and what technique is to be used on that specific material. Choosing the right equipment for each stone is critical to maintaining and restoring the original beauty of your stone while giving the stone more life and dexterity.

Why “Natural Stone Restoration”?

Replacing the stone in your space can be very costly and time consuming. In most cases, replacing stone is completely unnecessary. For a fraction of the cost and time commitment of a new installation, a properly trained restoration professional like WesCan Marble and Stone can return that stone to a beautiful finish and enhance the life span of the stone, in some cases even better than the original installation. In addition to a restoration, all natural stones need periodical maintenance to allow the stone to breathe properly so it can keep its natural beauty and extend its life. WesCan technicians will gladly help educate the client on the proper materials to use for their particular stone or provide the client with ongoing scheduled maintenance.

For more information on how we can help restore your stone or marble surfaces to their original glow and natural beauty, contact us at [email protected] or call us at (604) 929-4815.