TuffSkin Surface Protection

What is TuffSkin?

The TuffSkin mission is to solve the marble etching and staining challenges faced by the hospitality industry, commercial and residential markets. TuffSkin is new to Canada (but founded in Las Vegas in 2007) and does what traditional stone sealers have never been able to achieve.

TuffSkin Surface Protection is 100% etch proof, stain proof, UV protected and heat resistant up to 500 celsius – guaranteed for life. Whether you are restoring your natural stone or building new, you can choose the stone you want and TuffSkin will provide the protection you need.

WesCan Marble & Stone is proud to be the lead dealer and installer for TuffSkin in Canada. For more information on TuffSkin Surface Protection, visit www.tuffskinprotection.ca, email [email protected] or call 778.954.9330 to book your complimentary consultation today.